strategic Marketing

TCM it's about transforms possibilities into realities.

Empowering Your Success through Customer-Centricity and the Harmonious Fusion of Strategy, Tactics, and Creativity!

Our Mission

“Our mission is to deliver highly creative and commercially effective solutions, driven by our steadfast belief in the synergy between strategy, tactics, and creativity. We strive to create the perfect opportunities that propel our partners’ success and surpass their goals.”

Our Vision

Our vision is to give companies like yours the voice they need always to be the best versions of themselves.

Company Founder

Maitsi Dellacasa

Maitsi, a Venezuelan communication strategist with over 20 years of experience and a strong marketing and social change background brings an intuitive and proactive approach to her work. With expertise gained in non-profit television and diverse cultural organizations and leading strategic communications and branding for growing companies across various industries, Maitsi loves to foster meaningful and impactful relationships. She is also passionate about promoting positive actions for strategic marketing as a lifelong project for the company, focusing on authenticity.

"Strategic marketing is the art of aligning purpose with action, where every decision becomes a catalyst for success."

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